Cracked Mirrors: From Emmett Till to Barak Obama & My Path of Authentic Islam
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Bio of Zaid Adib Ansari

Zaid Adib Ansari is an educator, researcher, and author. His career spans 30 years in higher education, community activism, and clarifying Islam as a way of life and a religion of unity and peace.

Zaid's career in academia, curiously, began in 1967 as a young activist leader of one of the first campus takeovers in America. Zaid has given hundreds of lectures on Islam, criminology and social justice. Zaid has also published in referred journals and his research and writings have been cited by numerous academics. After completing his BS and MS at the University of Cincinnati, Zaid went on to study for a PhD in criminology at Florida State University.

Zaid has taught criminology, research methods and statistics at the University of Cincinnati and has conducted applied research at Central State University, San Francisco State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Morehouse College, and at the George Mason University Ras Al Kamiah campus in the UAE.

Zaid has been active in several Muslim communities for over 30 years as a lecturer and religious leader and has appeared on Tony Brown’s Journal discussing “Malcolm X: A Yardstick for African American Manhood” prior to Spike Lee’s release of the movie, “Malcolm X”.

Zaid makes his home in the West African nation, The Republic of the Gambia, and has lived and worked in the United Arab Emirate. Zaid currently is the Executive Director of Institutional Research at the American University in Cairo. Zaid is married and father of eight children.