Cracked Mirrors: From Emmett Till to Barak Obama & My Path of Authentic Islam
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About the Book

"Cracked Mirrors: From Emmett Till to Barak Obama & My Path to Authentic Islam” is a mixed mode narrative and memoir that traces Zaid’s growth and upbringing in liberal Yellow Springs, Ohio to his current home in Africa. Zaid’s odyssey begins at 10 years old when he saw a picture of the brutal murder of Emmett Till in a Jet Magazine. Zaid’s story is also about his awakening and the recognition of the suffering and injustice that African Americans endured in slavery to the present day contrasting the murder of Emmett Till with the election of Barak Obama as President of the United States.

The book includes his journey and analysis about the turbulent 1960’s, his work as a Black Nationalist and finally, the book is about Zaid embracing Islam which is a compelling account ultimately about man’s search for his creator and the spiritual and psyche turmoil we all face when we turn away from divine help and guidance.